Standing with our people and a worldwide pillar of defense

Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu

Photo EPA

As a Jew in the Diaspora I am feeling the global stress of what’s happening in Israel today.

I awoke this morning with a brief window of hope of a ceasefire deal being brokered.  This news lasted for all of an hour or so before news reports indicated otherwise.

Comfort from US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s statement that America’s commitment to Israel’s security is “rock solid and unwavering” while a foundation on which to build, will depend on the mediation efforts of the Egyptians and will determine whether the situation de-escalates and how quickly.

On a personal level, I feel a tightening in my chest every time I read or hear a news report, damning the actions of Israel to defend her people.  There’s no PR machine in the world that can fight against civilian casualties, particularly when those civilians are women and children who have been purposefully placed on the front line.

I despair for a country only able to protect its citizens by having existing and extreme measures in place – bomb shelters EVERYWHERE, so that their civilians are NOT part of the media circus and blood bath that is the current conflict in the Middle East.

As the local fundraiser for the NSW and ACT Jewish Community I take this opportunity to ask you to put your support behind the UIA’s emergency appeal for Israel. 

With their network of programs already deployed around Israel, Keren Hayesod, funded by UIA provides:

  • On the ground support for families who have sought refuge in shelters
  • Arranges programs for children taken to areas outside the direct threat zones
  • Mobilises volunteers and professionals with active counselling support and
  • Opens up funds for the victims of terror to provide immediate relief, security and comfort for the affected families

With the current emergency situation, these programs are in desperate need of support.

Click here to donate

Our thoughts are with the leaders, soldier and civilians in Israel as well as all those innocents caught in the crossfire during this conflict.

As always, our hope for peace is a priority.

Ian Sandler, Chief Executive Officer of JCA