JCA’s Communal Event: Experience a Sense of Togetherness

As our 2011 Campaign draws to a close and the JCA Communal Event approaches, I feel it appropriate to reflect on the importance of communal support and tzedakah. Over the past several weeks, we have seen some amazing generosity from our community members, made all the more special in that we are now experiencing a time of financial instability and political uncertainty. Your donations are crucially important, enabling the dedicated group of people who work at the JCA and our member organisations to implement the services required. However there is also something to be said for rallying together and simply revelling in a shared identity.

There is constant concern over the loss of Jewish existence. Many of us fear that we will wake up one day and find Judaism a thing of the past. We work hard to prevent disengagement, implementing initiatives to ensure the continuation of the Jewish way of life and the ideology from which it originates. Sometimes the best way to achieve connection is by showing people what there is to connect to.

Nothing can rival the feeling of joy and pride as you look around a room packed with people, connect with some that you know and others you might not, and know that each and every person present is not only Jewish, but also represents the support network that exists in our dynamic community.

JCA’s Communal Event, held on August 3rd is about creating this phenomenon for the Sydney Jewish community and is unparalleled by any other event we hold during our campaign. Once a year an open invitation is sent out to our entire community – from our stalwarts to our newest members, from those people in the geographical heart to those living on the fringes. We welcome community members to sit down, enjoy a meal together, learn something about our community, benefit from an engaging speaker, and above all experience a sense of togetherness. As mentioned last week, at this year’s event we are privileged to hear David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, a man who recently played an integral role in the recent Obama/Netanyahu talks. For a sneak peak Click Here.

JCA’s Communal Event is also an opportunity to honor those members past and present, who have dedicated their time and effort to enhancing the strength and vibrancy of our society.

I invite you all to attend. It will be an inspirational evening. As the American poet Marilyn Hacker said “Community means people spending time together…” I look forward to sharing this evening with you.

Shabbat Shalom

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Ian Sandler is the Chief Executive Officer of the JCA.